We care about comfort and control.

With state-of-the art technology, we give you the freedom to focus on what matters most: the surgery. Explore our wireless, frameless and markerless technology.

IRis 13

IRis 13 is a high-resolution infrared camera for capturing your surgical suit at a resolution of 1.3 MP and up to 180 Hz. Multiple cameras turn your environment into a precise and large-scale operating space.

cortEXplore HoloDeck

See both, the real surgical subject and, virtually overlapped, its inner anatomy. By projecting important information into your natural field of view in 3D, you can intuitively follow your surgical plan. Voice-control and gestures enable a sterile interaction with the navigation system to give .

Navigation Computer

The navigation computer is the main hub of the surgical navigation system. The Intel Core i7 machine is equipped with a 27” touch screen monitor and NVIDIA graphics for real-time processing and visualization.

Surgical Station

Our surgical station can be adjusted manually in height for optimal ergonomics. Combine the with our Navigation Computer to enable real-time navigation.

Wireless Surgical Station

A wireless frees you from the power and network cord. Place your assistant device wherever it is best for you, without any trade-offs. Use the convenient buttons to smoothly adjust its height for optimal ergonomics in long-lasting surgeries and to optimally see your surgical plans and instruments.

It’s All About Precision

Our precision instruments are manufactured out of one piece of stainless steel and are DLC protected. A wide range of surgical applications from electrode placements to injections can now be applied in your lab.