Preparation is everything.

Order a 3D model of your surgical subject to practice your upcoming procedure in your surgical suit.

For educational purposes, we additionally offer phantom models with matching MRI and CT volumes for training students on surgical planning and navigation. The phantoms come with video tutorials, which guide you through the processes of example surgeries.


Select 3D structures of your surgical subject in cortEXplore’s neuronavigation software and order a detailed 3D print with just one click. We will send the printed model right to your lab to allow of surgical training under neuronavigation guidance.


RhesusPhantom is a 3D model of a rhesus head that comes with detailed MRI and CT scans for training various surgical procedures under neuronavigation guidance.

It’s All About Precision

Our precision instruments are manufactured out of one piece of stainless steel and are DLC protected. A wide range of surgical applications from electrode placements to injections can now be applied in your lab.