One software to rule them all.

CORTEXPLORER is the heart of our navigation technology and enables you to plan, simulate, and perform surgeries.

Plan your surgery in depth

Our software platform enables you to create a precise 3D representation of your surgical subject based on multi modal medical images, such as CT, MRI and fMRI. Skin, bones, blood vessels, cortex and activated brain areas constitute the basis for planning your surgery in depth within minutes. Our HoloDeck interface allows you to project the anatomy your desk to observe your surgical plan at real scale and in 3D.

Simulate prior to surgery

CORTEXPLORER enables you to extract the virtual model, or parts of it, for real physical training purposes. 3D prints can be ordered directly from us. Surgeons and students can use those models to practice parts of a surgery as well as the handling of instruments.

Bring HoloDeck to your surgical suit

Our innovative HoloDeck interface allows you to see both, the real subject, and, virtually overlaid, its inner anatomical structure. Investigate and adapt all details of your surgical plan and see the effects instantly as holographic projection. A unique data processing pipeline guarantees highest precision at lowest latencies, for a natural user experience. In addition, HoloDeck enables a sterile interaction with your navigation system through gestures and voice commands.